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To get a TAn and  look  good for that special day.


From the:  Health research forum u.k.

Amomg its publications are:Sunlight,Vitamin D and Health,By Robert Gillie..Sunlight Robbery,by Robert Gillie,

Scotlands health deficiency,by Robert Gillie.  

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The aim of Health Research Forum is to develop an up-to-date public health policy based on scientific evidence. It takes time, often decades, for new scientific ideas to be accepted and assimilated, first into the general body of scientific knowledge and finally into policy. We want to reduce this time to the minimum so that benefits of research leading to a better understanding of health will become available without delay. We hope to provide policy makers with better information on which to base national health policy and individuals with better information on which to base choices about their lifestyles.

What other scientific evidence can I access about why we must have sunlight to stay healthy? 

Dr,Michael Holick:  

Michael Holick - The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Good Health ...

Considered by many to be the foremost authority on vitamin D, Dr Michael Holick (Professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine, one of the USA's top universities), recommends a daily amount of 1,000 IU is necessary to maintain a healthy level. It is very difficult to eat enough Vitamin D rich foods on a daily basis to achieve these levels. Most multi-vitamin supplements only provide 400IU of Vitamin D. In natural sunlight the word 'unprotected' is very important, as SPF creams reduce the effectiveness of the body to produce Vitamin D from UV exposure by up to 97%.
In the web links below: Dr Michael Holick (Professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine, one of the USA's top universities) Explains in detail why we must have sunlight in our daily lives to stay healthy.


Q:I have the bed about a week and havent got a Tan?I have the bed a week and am not seeing any tan develop


A: It Takes about 4 weeks to develope a Tan,The first week allows your skin to adapt to UV light,The second week you build up your tanning time slowly and develope a base.The 3rd and 4th week your skin starts to Tan ,providing that your skin type tans in sunlight.

 Q : I get an itchy sensation when i use the bed?

A:This is caused by  exposure to UV light too quickly and its called 'Prickly heat'', Take a 24 hour break from the bed and then reduce your tanning session time and build up your session time  slowly..Prickly heat can also be caused if your on medication.Some medicine causes our skin to be sensitive to UV light.

Q: How long should each session take?

A: Tanning is a slow process,you must start off slowly and gradually build up your session time,be patient,Your hire contract will have suggested tanning times but they are general guidelines as we have different skin types and some skin types can take longer sessions than others. KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK TAN.

 Q: What size are the sunbeds?

A: The stand up sunrooms take up less than 1 sq meter of space and the lie down sunbeds a bit less than a single bed. 

Q: Will the sunbed/sunroom  fit in an upstairs room:

A: YES: The sunbeds comes in panels and will be assembled by our delivery lads. 

Q:  Can  other people can use the bed,?

A: YES,other over 18 years old people can use the bed,but its the responsibilty of the person who has hired to bed to ensure that they observe the tanning guidelines laid down in the hire contract.

Q: Does sunbed tanning lotions help the tanning process:

A:  YES ,not alone does it help the tanning process,it also moistuerizes the skin ,Do order your Australian Gold when ordering the bed as the driver wont have any with him.

Q:  Are there different sunbed lamps used in sunbeds? 

A: YES,and unfortunately some cheap lamps in the market do not comply wirh EU safety guidlines.We only use cosmedico lamps which are approved worldwide. 

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Q; If i want to extend the hire what do i do?

A:   phone  0872566229 and we will re book it for you,dont leave it till your bed is due back as it may be booked elsewhere.A weeks notice would be great..