Terms & Conditions.


If You have a skin disorder or an allergic reaction to UV ligh please consult your Doctor

Remove all cosmetics before doing a tanning session.

Some medications causes your skin to be more sensitive to UV Light,contact TANSUN for advice.

After using a sunbed,shower and use a moisteriser lotion.Contact your doctor if you have blisters or any skin abnormalities.

Sunbeds remain the property of Tansun.The hirer is responsible for themselves and the sunbed during the rental period

Hirers are advised to read the instructons on the hire contrct before using our sunbed.

Do you supply goggles, creams etc? Yes, eye protection is supplied FREE of charge , and will be delivered with your sunbed.

Australian Gold Tanning lotion can be ordered with your bed at vey keen prices.

What is your delivery charge? We offer FREE deliver on all our home hire beds in our normal delivery areas,a small charge may arise for other areas.

How can I pay for home hire?  You can pay cash on delivery, or credit/debit card over the phone.

How long should I spend on a sunbed at home:

Full tanning instructions and maximum tanning times will be supplied with your sunbed when delivered. Each sunbed is different,

depending on the type of tubes fitted. It also depends on your skin type. If any any doubt, please call us or ask the driver on delivery.

If you have any queries at all when tanning on our sunbeds, please contact us.

How much space will I need for a Vertical Sunbed hired in my home?

You will need a floor area of approx 1 square metre for our vertical domestic units for the home

Should I use a Tanning lotion when using a sunbed.

The answer is yes: You need to prepare your skin to receive UV light 

Australian Gold tanning lotions can increase results from a tanning session up to 30%-40%. Minimu application per session is 15ml.

Must I be over a certain age to use a sunbed:   

You must be 18 or over to use a Sunbed: