AUSTRALIAN GOLD, for the Tan of your life and the life of your Tan                                             

Can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning. 

 in crease your Tan by up to 40%  Results depending on skin type


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3 BOTTLES ONLY €50.00 - 2 BOTTLES €35.00 - 1 BOTTLE €20.00  [ save up to €30.00]  

For the Tan of your life and the life of your Tan. Why use Australian Gold skin care lotions?  Tan Faster.. Get a Darker Tan .  Stay Tanned Longer..

The Tanning Process:  You need to prepare your skin to receive UV light so you're protecting your skin during the Tanning process and providing for the best tanning results. UV light is best received through well maintained skin. It can increase the results from a tanning session up to 30% - 40% depending on your skin type and skin condition.Minimum application for each session = 15ml

Recommendation: Moisturize your skin with FOREVER AFTER after each session and after showering every day for after Tan skin care.

THE NEW 2016 Dark Tanning Accelerator : Type: Base builder:This exotic blend is a super tanning formula,which allow your natural pigmentation process to Tan as fast as nature allows

REDUCED FROM €25.00 TO ONLY €20.00 . all products  available in  250ml bottle

Gellee Accelerator: Tanning formula created for ulyimate tanning intensity.Enriched with Hemp Seed Extract.

Sinfully Black : Indulge your guilty pleasures with  this deviously dark tanning bronzing formula that will instantly make others envious of your Sinfully black colour. Large 250 ml bottle

Australian Gold Accelerator is one of the best types of tanning lotion in the market. All Australian Gold products have been at the forefront of the tanning industry. These products have been tested and approved by the FDA and COLIPA, which mean that they are safe for your skin.The lotion works on all skin types and produces a dark shade without burning.This lotion does not have a bronzer. This may be for your preference, as there will not be orange streaks on your skin and you may experience less irritation.It is made of natural oils and vitamin E, which moisturize and enrich your skin. It is easy to use and dries quickly. This lotion is created to accelerate the tanning process and add ingredients to your skin that will make your skin glow and smell fresh. From the no frills bottle and the price, this product lives up to what it claims to be and more.