Tan today the Tansun way" 

You never have to travel to the Salon again.Enjoy a relaxing tanning session in your home at your convenience                                                

     Costs only 30 cents per session of electricity   

       Bathed in sunshine with this Tansun vertical Tanning unit -3000 watts of power  

     Call or text  0872566229  -0899855282  for best deals     We deliver to: Dublin city & County-and large areas of Louth-Meath-Kildare & booking deposit reuired

.       Pay on delivery                                      l                                              

 Australian Gold Dark Tanning lotion: 3 bottles €50   -2 bottles €35 -1 btl €20 [Suitable for sunbed and outdoor tanning]


Works off 2 x 3 pin sockets . 24 x "inferno" high powered lamps - Customer comfort -Close Proximity Tanning -Full length body breeze -Total body coverage with surround Tanning-Takes up less than a sq meter of space-Compact enough to be installed in any home – these units are delivered in panels ensuring that they can fit through a normal doorway and be carried upstairs before being assembled.

Ideal for Pre - holiday Tan,Weddings,Parties,Special occasions.


WE DELIVER TO: Dublin City & County,and to large areas of  Louth - Meath -Kildare & Wicklow. 


 TANSUN :   For The Tan of your life and the life of your Tan                                                                                                                         

es no such thing as a quick tan from a sunbed, the tan must be built  gradually.                                       



Tanning Lotions

2010-07-29 22:02:26

DarAUSTRALIAN GOLD: For the TAN of your Life and the Life of       your TAN!

These dark Ta...

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