This could be you after hiring a Tansun Sunbed -   Call or  text us on 0872566229 -0860493399 to enquire about our prices

    We deliver to: Dublin city & County-and large areas of Louth-Meath-Kildare & Wicklow

Australian Gold Dark Tanning lotion: 3 bottles €50  -2 bottles €35 -1 btl €20 [Suitable for sunbed and outdoor tanning]

 Our sunbeds have just been fitted with the latest German made Cosmedico Tanning Lamps.Amazing tanning results guaranteed.                                                              

2000 Watt Sundream Super Turbo Sunbed -

 Tan Today  the Tansun way.Lie Down home Tanning at its best. (Fits neatly into your home]

Sunbathing at home will have you looking and feeling your best

Free goggles supplied 

Our lie down sunbeds are the acclaimed Super Turbo Elite,both the canopy and bottom are curved to give that all over body tanning performance and come fitted with the latest Cosmedico German made dark tanning lamps.The height of canopy is adjusted by the hydraulic lift mechanism to give you precision control of the canopy to achieve the most comfortable tanning session.The sunbed requires a floor space of about 2 metres by 1 meter and works off a 3 pin socket within approx 8 feet of the bed.Runnimg costs is about 35 cents an hour.

Warning: While tanning we recommend you use sunbed goggles [ supplied free] If you do not you run the risk of long term damage to your eyes

 - Hire a treadmill or vibroplate for only €50.00 extra. .                  


For the  life of your Tan and the Tan of your life,Tan with Australian Gold and TANSUN :  The Tanning professionals since 1991..

TanSHOT..Order your bottles with your sunbed   only €3.00 a bottle - 10 bottles €25.00. - box of 24 bottles €55.00

 The longest established Tanning company in your area: Est 1991.. Tan with confidence with TANSUN ..



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DarAUSTRALIAN GOLD: For the TAN of your Life and the Life of       your TAN!

These dark Ta...

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