Tanning Lotions

DarAUSTRALIAN GOLD: For the TAN of your Life and the Life of       your TAN!

These dark Tanning lotions promotes the darkest Tan possible and provide you with a skin care to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.This exotic blend dark tanning accelerator allows your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows.They can increase your tanning results by up to 40% depending on skin type and skin condition.

MINIMUM APPLICATION FOR EACH SESSION IS 15ML FOR BEST RESULTS . Order yours with the sunbed  k Tanning lotion 

  • Most recognized and widely sold number 1 lotion in the tanning industry
  • Botanical Essences and Native Australian Oils.
  • Supply important nutrients to the skin for deep, dark color
  • Advanced moisturizing ingredients help hydrate the skin for a soft, smooth effect
  • Classic Australian Gold Cocoa Dreams fragrance
  • Why should I use a tanning lotion?

    The answer is simple, indoor tanning lotions give you better results. They are also an important part of tanning responsibly and keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.

    Here are just some of the reasons why tanning lotion is a must-have:

    • Moist skin tans faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits
    • Tanning lotions allow for better magnification, giving you maximum results
    • Moisturized skin readily absorbs UV light, while dry skin reflects it
    • Active ingredients supplement your skin's cells with the same proteins that naturally enhance the tanning process
    • A specially formulated tanning lotion can give you a lasting tan by helping retain UV induced melanin longer
    • Tanning lotions supply the skin with nutrients essential for a tan, while keeping your skin moist and healthy
    • UV exposure can dehydrate your skin, and tanning lotions help to replenish moisture lost during your tanning session