What We Do

"Tan TodayThe Tansun way"


VERTICAL STAND UP SUNBED HIRE: One of our most popular home hire sunbeds.These standup units take up less than one square meter,so accomodating them into the home or garage space is very easy,They give you 360 degree tanning for that all over tan.and costs less than 50 cents an hour on electricity. 


The Tansun VX 240  Vertical Tanning Units are designed to maximise full body coverage and produce outstanding tanning results.
The new ergonomic shape promotes customer comfort and exceptional performance.
The rigid all metal construction incorporates a host of unique features for optimal reliability.Fitted with German made Cosmedico tanning lamps makes the VX240 a superb home Tanning bed.Specifications

Height 1840mm (73")
Width 850mm (34")











DOUBLE LIE DOWN SUNBED HIRE: The Elite  double unit has an ultra modern design, which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide the ultimate home use lay down sunbed. These sunbeds are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality materials and  latest European standards.



HOME HIRE SUNBED HIRE:Let us bring the salon  to your home  with our salon powered sunbeds and standup sunrooms.You can Tan  in the privacy of your home at a time that suits you.We deliver to all of Dublin city and county and to large parts of surrounding counties. We supply FREE goggles and Australian Gold Tanning lotions

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