About Us


Being family owned has given us the opportunity to do more for our customers.With Our 25 years in the  Tanning business behind us you can be assured that

you are dealing with one of the most experienced in the business .Our staff are fully trained in the safe use of our Tanning beds and  if you Tan in the Sun we Guarantee you a Tan from our beds. We only use German Made Cosmedico Tanning lamps that are EU Approved . 

Tansun Home Hire started renting standup and lie down sunbeds in 1991 and have a massive customer base all over Dublin and surrounding counties

 Our  installers deliver and set up in your home and give full unstructions on how  to get a great Tan and Free goggles.

 Both models fit neatly into any room in the house and works off a 3 pin plug.Electricity cost are less than 50 cents an hour. 

Whether you're about to go off on holiday, have a special occasion looming, or simply want that sun kissed look all year round, responsible sunbed use is the perfect way for achieving your golden glow.We deliver in unmarked vans to all of the dublin area,&parts of Meath,Louth,Kildare and Wicklow.

MISSION STATEMENT:To continue as leaders by providing  Quality Tanning equipment of acknowledged technical excellence,reliability and quality. Continuously improving product range which offer value for money. Superior customer service by being at the end of a phone to advise  and provide answers to our customers queries. To strictly follow the safe Tanning guidelines as laid down by the European Sunlight Association and the Sunbed Asociation.


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