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DIRECT LINE TO OUR  HOME HIRE DEPARTMENT FOR  SUNBEDS,SUNROOMS-HOME GYM HIRE = 0872566229 or 0860493399  -  You must be 18 or older to use a sunbed

or info@tansunireland.com.   VISIT OUR STATE OF THE ART TANNING SALON AT 27A Clune Road, Finglas East. Direct phone line 01 8345861   [off jamestown rd at junction with McKee Rd] Find us on google maps


COSMEDICO is the most sucessfull tanning lamp in the world,offering you premium quality.You will benefit from over 35 years of experience in tanning technology.COSMEDICO offers you the highest quality Tan you can get. Combine Cosmedicos 35 years of experience and Tansuns 22 years and you have the best Tanning combination possible.             


HOME HIRE DEPARTMENT: We hire lie down and standup sunbeds,vibroplates-treadmills-cross trainers/exercise bike -Bouncy Castles-  ph 0872566229


Look great in  2014.. Walk into TANSUN,Walk out with a Tan.Your local Tanning professional since 1991.

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 TANSUN.     For the Tan of your life and the life of your Tan  ..Tan in our Salon with our Symphony range of Sunrooms or Tan at home with our ''Ibiza Sundream''  Home Hire models. 

 Welcome to TANSUN. Tan & Tone Salon,  Clune Road,Finglas East,Dublin 11. pH 018345861  Where the Sun always shines.. 

   Serving the community since 1991,we   offer a Tanning environment that is - up - to- date, professional,clean and friendly, our goal is to take tanning to the ultimate level and we have! Our staff are fully trained in the proper use of our 6 minute  Tanning beds..

From the time you walk in the door, we want you to feel like your on your own Caribbean Island, We know you have many different choices when it comes to tanning, so we thank you for choosing us and hope you will agree that TANSUN Tan & Tone are like no other tanning salon that you have ever experienced. 

Look & feel great  with a Tan from Tansun.

FREE. safe parking outside our Tan & Tone Salon..Every 10th session FREE..Plus lots of extra minutes FREE..  All beds fitted with the latest Cosmolux BRONZER LAMPS.. Our Tanning Salon is open 9.30 am to 9 pm monday to friday and 10 am to 6 p.m. saturday.

HOME HIRE: PH 0872566229 -  We deliver & install our   IBIZA 'SUNDREAM' range of  home hire sunbeds,sunrooms & vibroplates to all of Dublin City and to drogheda,balbriggan,duleek,skerries,laytown,slane,navan,trim,kells,athboy,summerhill,kells,kilcock,


Loads of special offers on our  Sunbeds,Sunrooms & Vibroplates.Just click on Sunbed or Sunroom Hire on the left side of this page or  call our hotline  0872566229 .   

TANSUN -.Join us where the sun never sets..at any time or on anyday.. peace and tranquility on your doorstep-

The sun gives us light and heat, the basis for all life on our planet. With its unique energy, it has an essential effect on the human organism.

Closer to people, closer to the sun...
Without compromise.
The spectrum is the key. The proper tanning lamp spectrum not only guarantees safety - it assures excellent results. And it provides that special "feel-good" factor. Tansun and Cosmedico's tanning lamps and experience inspires confidence.

TAN AND TONE SALON - SUNROOMS,SUNBEDS, VIBROPLATES .    sunbeds,sunrooms,collagen red light & vibroplates also available to rent in your home... 

Join us in our haven of peace and relaxation.. Joinn us where the Sun never sets....  

TANSUN Tan & Tone Salon,Clune Road,Finglas East,Dublin 11.

Established over 21 years  TANSUN Tan & Tone is a Family owned and run business, we take pride in providing a professional and friendly service to our  Salon and Home Hire customers. 

Our state of the art  salon is fitted with the very latest in Vibroplates,,Sunbeds's,Sunrooms's,and Anti - Aging Collagen Red Light Treatment,    [universally known as the 'no knife face lift'.]   We provide first class Tan & Tone facilities in a relaxed environment.Our units are all set in seperate private cublicles and have proven popular with both ladies and men. 

Our friendly Solarium  staff will advise you on all aspects of skin care associated with the use of Sunbeds .Our Tanning units are  controlled by token meters which strictly controlled tanning times.We guarantee our customers a private and professional tanning experience.

PARKING: Parking is FREE with easy access.

VIBRO PLATE FITNESS: A complete body workout in only 10 minutes.

 The ''Body Action'' Vibroplate only at TANSUN

 Join the latest craze in fitness..


Tan &Tone  in the privacy of your home, sunbed hire and vibroplate hire is the most convenient way of tanning & Toning. With a large fleet of home hire Vibroplates, lie down and stand up sunbeds tansun brings the salon to your home .

Customers have a choice of renting our Super Turbo Sunbed or our Super Vertical Tanning Booth thats fits into a 1 sq metre area. Fitted with the latest technology tanning lamps we guarantee a new home tanning experience.

We supply our sunbed rental units at very competitive prices ,we provide a discreet delivery and Collection service covering all of Dublin City and county and large areas of Meath , Louth, Kildare and Wicklow.We will set up in the comfort of your home with full instructions, we also supply a large range of Australian gold tanning products.

 PH 0872566229                                           


                     WALK INTO TANSUN WALK OUT WITH A TAN:                  



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