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TANSUN  Home Sunbed Hire provides powerful commercial strength sunbeds for hire in the comfort of your own home, the benefits of home tanning being:

  • For use at your convenience
  • No hassle of booking at a salon, parking the car, travel time and costs
  • Takes up minimal space in your home
  • We deliver free and install in minutes
  • Delivery and collection to suit you
  • More hygienic tanning than salon sunbeds
  • Hire periods start from 2 weeks to 3 months or longer
  • You can share the cost of your tanning with your partner or family


Text ''SUNBED HIRE'' to 51044 for affordable prices

When you look good you feel good.. Book your home Tan now. Get a deeper darker longer lasting Tan with Australian Gold dak tanning lotion.TANSUN HOME HIRE SUNBEDS,SUNROOMS AND GYM EQUIPMENT: 24 years renting sunbeds: Rent from the best.  

DIRECT LINE TO OUR  HOME HIRE DEPARTMENT  0872566229 or 0860493399 info@tansunireland.com. 

                                             You must be 18 or older to use a sunbed

 TANSUN & COSMEDICO TANNING LAMPS" FOR THE TAN OF YOUR LIFE & THE LIFE OF YOUR TAN,Dont forget Australian Gold dark Tanning lotion. increase your Tan by 40% depending on skin type. Reduced from €25.00 to €20.00 a bottle      

Cosmedico:The most sucessfull tanning lamp in the world,offering you premium German quality.You will benefit from over 35 years of experience in tanning technology.COSMEDICO offers you the highest quality Tan you can get. Combine Cosmedicos 35 years of experience and Tansuns 22 years and you have the best Tanning combination possible.   


Our fleet of standup Salon Powered Sundream Sunrooms gives Full Body Coverage with total SURROUND TANNING and fully hinged door.Highly polished reflectors maximises tanning power and promotes an all over Tan. Fitted with German Technology salon powered tanning lamps makes this the ultimate home tanning unit.RUNNING COSTSCosts only 50 cents an Hour to runSPACE REQUIRED: Fits into less than 1 square meter and runs off 2 x 3 pin sockets and comes with a full length body breeze.  A home hire sunroom is the best and most hygienic way to get a Tan. You Tan in the privacy of your Home at a time that suits you and you can share the cost with friends.We deliver and setup in a room of your choice and we supply FREE goggles and Instructions. 


This super Turbo deluxe Sunbed  has an ultra modern design,which combines stylish curves and several unique features and curved at top and bottom to promote an even all over Tan.Hydraulically assisted lift and lower system enables finger tip control.Fan cooled for greater comfort.Fitted with German manufactured Cosmedico salon  powered Tanning lamps.A 30 minute safety tImer with auto shut off and full safety instructions are fitted as standard.

SPACE REQUIRED: Floor space of approx 2 metres x 1 meter required and it works off 1 x 3 pin socket. The ultimate home tanning Sunbed

RUNNING COSTS. Costs 35 cents an hour to run.









Persons under the age of 18 years

will not be allowed to use,hire or purchase sunbeds.

Sunbed use increases the risk of skin and eye cancer.




Run for miles without leaving your house and burn away those unwanted caleroies and pounds,all within the comfort of your own home.The Roger black gold model treadmill is perfect for the home gym as it folds away after use.This fantasctic piece of gym equipment takes the hassle out of gym membership and outdoor workouts.Boasting a maximum speed of 15km on a running surface of 121 x 40 cm you will soon bulild up your fitness level on this great piece of gym equipment.Speed and incline can be easily adjusted to suit your fitess level. 16 user programmes, BENEFITS: Improves lung and heart functions .Weight loss.Reduce Body Fat.Feel good,even after a short workout.Runnimg on a treadmill burns calories faster than most forms of exercise.                                                                                    

Get fit in your own Home





A complete Body workout in only 10 minutes:.You will be looking good and feeling great after a few 10 minute workouts.No need to go to the Gym,Vibroplates have the ability to burn calories and tone your muscles after only a few sessions.With several speeds to choose from you can gently massage away aches and pains on lower speeds and burn away fat,stimulates muscles,improve bone density and blood circulation at higher speeds.

TANSUN Body Action Vibroplates runs off a 3 pin socket and requires a floor space of 2.5ft x 2.5.ft..Comes with full user instructions and we give a full user demo on installation.








 AUSTRALIAN GOLD: For the TAN of your Life and the Life of       your TAN!

These dark Tanning lotions promotes the darkest Tan possible and provide you with a skin care to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.This exotic blend dark tanning accelerator allows your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows.They can increase your tanning results by up to 40% depending on skin type and skin condition.



Forever After® The best skin care lotion available.

Use after every tanning session and continue using daily to extend your tan and keep your skin supple and wrinkle free.One bottle lasts for months.

Combination of Essential Moisturizers,
Vitamins, Tan Extending Nutrients,
COQ10 plus powerful Botanical Actives
preserve . Anti wrinkle and firming                                                                               
blend, triple action formula with bodycontouring
blend. Warm Creamy Vanilla 



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